Stopping to Think and Scratch

Decisions, decisions and many miles to fly before

We reach Mexico. Where to eat? And what about

A comfy roost for sleepy time, after the nighttime hunt?

Ignatius, father of three spotted Juvenile Black-Crown Night Herons,

Is showing his youngsters how to migrate.

They’ve reached their first stop — Edwin C. Forsyth National Wildlife Refuge

In Brigantine, New Jersey. Now Ignatius must teach the Juvies

How to find feeding grounds and a safe bunk. He pauses to think and

Scratch his neck, flicking off a mosquito — nice appéritif!

These waters are rich in main courses for dinner,

And where was it we slept last year?

Decisions, decisions.

Tap any of these three photographs to learn more about Ignatius’s brood.

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