Little Blue Migrants

Time was, years ago, when I was befriended by a Little Blue Heron whom I named Lyle, and grew to love. 

Alas, one year our landlady sold her house, and I could no longer take photographs of Lyle in his chosen haunts. Years would pass before I ever encountered such a sweet-natured and human-tolerant Little Blue Heron…

Until now!

A friend and I recently made a photo-pilgrimage to The Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, in search of migrating shore birds. We were a bit early for the Terns, Great Egrets and Great Blue Herons, but we did find a flock of friendly Little Blue Herons, each in its colorful seasonal mating plumage.

They didn’t mind as we walked from my car and approached them in order to photograph them in better detail, and two even spread their wings and displayed their beautiful bellies.

Could they perhaps be grandchildren of my old friend Lyle? I like to think so, anyhow. Little Blues are characteristically quite shy of people, but these didn’t mind me and my big lens. I didn’t have time to steady the lens on my car, so I hope you’ll forgive my off-center shots.

I’m kind of an off-center photographer anyhow. So let me introduce Lyle III and Lisette, my new Little Blue Migrant buddies. Hope we meet again

Lyle III displays his beautiful belly.
Time was, years ago, when I was befriended by a Little Blue Heron named Lyle…
Lisette shows her own lovely mating plumage.
Another Little Blue hunts for small crustaceans.
Flying off to their next stop, Lyle III and Lisette honk farewell.


  1. That is stunning! She is clearly posing for her picture as you can see with how she has positioned her legs and feet.

    1. Thank you, Christine! I like to think she is, and was enchanted once again with beauty and grace of these Little Blue Herons. They don’t receives nearly the attention accorded their larger cousins, but I think they can be even more beautiful in their breeding plumage.

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