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If you’d like to use one of Arthur P. Johnson’s photos, great! He’d be happy to let you and asks simply that you first get his written permission. Use the form below or just email . Tell him which photos you’re interested in, listing them by headline, and how you want to use them. He’ll get back to you promptly and it’s highly likely that something realistic and reasonable can quickly be arranged.

NOTE: If granted permission, you must retain the ArthurPix™  watermark and also attribute the image to Arthur P. Johnson at Depending upon your intended use, fees may be modest or free. 

ALSO: All images on this site are created by Arthur P. Johnson in their entirety. All images copyright © Arthur P. Johnson All Rights Reserved. This is his livelihood, so you are asked NOT repost or “borrow” any images without express written permission from Arthur P. Johnson. Anyone who reproduces Arthur’s work without permission is itching for legal trouble.

PLUS: The term ArthurPix™ is under application for trademark and may not be used by anyone else, neither as a user name nor in any other way, except when referring to Arthur P. Johnson, this website and ArthurPix™ products.

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