About Arthur P. Johnson

Arthur P. Johnson is the creator of all the images and words on this site. He’s been a creative professional and direct marketing consultant for decades, running his own agency for nearly 30 years. He and his teams have created hundreds of products in myriad art forms, and in cooperation with organizations as respected as the National Wildlife Federation, World Wildlife Fund, Ducks Unlimited and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

Arthur’s infomercials, in which he’s interviewed by famed newsman Hugh Downs, have sold millions of hardbound books. He is also author of the children’s book, King of Cats.

Arthur is a photographer now and continues to write, lately as a screenwriter. He’s married to a wonderful woman.

In addition to posting your comments here, you can follow Arthur as @apjpix on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, or click here to email him. He will be delighted to converse and answer questions about not only his own photos, but also your own.





  1. Egrets are one of my favorite birds! They are magical to watch. We left the Texas coast & lots of beautiful birds but I’m hoping to meet new birds in Northern Cal.

    1. I completely agree —life is never dull in our own Egret community! I’ve never gone Egret watching in Northern California, but doubtless the salt marshes in Sonoma County and further north are promising Egret country. I envy you those experiences on the Texas COast. I may be wrong, but would bet the sunlight is so much more consistent there, year round.

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