Teach Your Children Well

Why is this Majestic Bird Sticking Her Tail in Your Face and who’s the smaller one watching so intently?

We are privileged to see a miracle of nature here—a mama bird teaching her baby to fish, frog and bug. To survive, a Great Egret must know how to stick her snout in the swamp water, or delve in the mud, and find fish, crustaceans, frogs, worms, insects and all manner of other mouthwatering morsels!

In the third frame, Mama Eglantine stands with water still dripping from her beak, telling her juvenile nestling “Now it’s your turn!” And sure enough, in the final frame, Baby Edith Great Egret buries her own bill into the swamp mud, delving, I think, for a frog. These aren’t the most beautiful of my Fenwick Island Salt Marsh photos, but my hands almost trembled with excitement as it dawned on me what I was witnessing. If they move you even a little bit, I do hope you’ll tap LIKE below and leave a comment. Thanks so much!

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