The Swimming Pool of Life

Pristine as a hand painted bone china bowl, this purple day flowering water lily cannot self-pollinate, and instead creates seeds through a most intricate method.

On the first day after its petals unfold, the Lily produces a pool of fragrant and irresistible perfume, covering the stigma (aka the pistil or female sex organ) in the blossom’s center. When 🐝 bees, wasps, butterflies and other insects wander in, they can’t help themselves! Bathing in the perfume, they surrender their pollen to the magical “swimming pool.”

The golden powder dissolves in the perfume and enters the waiting stigma below, starting the creation of seeds and assuring the cycle of life will continue. Next, like clockwork, the Waterlily’s entrancing golden stamens will release their own pollen — which sticks to the legs of visiting insects and travels wherever they may roam, eventually finding another Lily’s perfume pool in which to release their life giving code.

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