The Hemlock Jungle

Outside you see a nearly impossibly broad evergreen canopy, wider than tall, sweeping to the ground…

…and inside, this. A mazy knot of interwoven limbs, in pattern so inscrutable as to be self-hypnotic, as your befuddled brain helplessly inquires, how and why?

Well! The answer turns out to be, it’s not one tree but three.

Some 55 years ago, a cunning gardener planted three weeping hemlocks and entrusted them to generations of caretakers, who trained them to weave hither and yon until they grew into a triad jungle, comparable in majesty, as I see it anyhow, to ancient yews of England.

I crept underneath with my camera, minding to break not a twig, and shot this. Hope it pleases, and if it does, please consider leaving a LIKE and a REPLY. Thank you so much.

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