Edgar’s Always Singing…

Why, I don’t know, unless…

Perhaps the Juvenile Great Egrets he hangs out with aren’t really his family? Could it be that he’s still looking for his real mommy, and is constantly calling for her?

Or maybe I’ve misidentified him and he’s a different species entirely? His beautiful crest gives me pause. Search as I may, I can’t find any mention of crests on any Juvenile Egret or even on a Juvenile Little Blue Heron. Hmm.

If YOU know the answer, I’d love a REPLY from you below, and if you like this photo, a LIKE and REPLY would be most welcome! Till then, I’m merely going to assume he’s a born singer, and awfully lovable.

EDITORIAL NOTE: It turns out Edgar is most likely a Snowy Egret in mating plumage! The green hue on the backs of his legs threw me off, as juveniles have green legs, but I’ve decided that Edgar is on the verge of maturity and experiencing his first mating season.


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