Captain January flies off with…WHO?

As Lyle the Little Blue Heron spread his wings to depart, something SHOCKING emerged from the marsh, right behind him…

DISCLAIMER: I’m afraid I’ve only a frustratingly fuzzy photo to reveal what I saw. So please excuse me while I show you an image I’d otherwise delete:

Lyle and Lisette!
Only when Lyle prepared to fly off did these other two Little Blue Herons emerge from the marsh grass! (Pardon this out-of-focus image, but it’s all I managed because these children were VERY shy!)

YES, it’s a second and third Little Blue Heron! I’m guessing they’re his children, because they appear to be at the Calico (adolescent) stage of maturity. For the purposes of keeping track, we’ll call them Lisette and Lawrence…

And one of these children is also the owner of that wing tip you see in the featured photo!

Well, it’s better than shots of the Loch Ness Monster, but nothing for which this photographer can take pride. 😖

It is delightful news, though. I’m hoping it means we’ll soon have two generations of Little Blue Herons visiting the salt marsh, even when we move to the further end of the marsh, come March.

And, although Little Blue Herons are notoriously tough to photograph,  I’m crossing my fingers these twins will eventually come to be as friendly as Dad!


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