Basket of Light

Flame red tulip infused with sunlight.

As late day sunlight grazed its petals, the tulip caught fire inside…

And promptly into mind came an amazing old album from The Pentangle, titled Basket of Light. 

“Love is a basket of light,” sings Bert Jansch in Train Song. “Grasp it so tight.”

“Shining bright just ain’t right to be caught in the night—caught in the basket of light.” 

Recorded in 1969, the album is a blazing, time-defying jewel.

Polyrhythmic drums by Terry Cox, masterful acoustic blues by Bert Jansch dueling with hypnotic folk-fingerings from John Renbourne, all overwoven with the soaring soprano of Jacqui McShee…

Remarkable what sunlight on a tulip can do.


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