Nothing could be finer…

Than a loving Carolina caress…

Especially if you’re a Wren! When I first saw some action going on between two Carolina Wrens, I wondered if they were fighting.

But when I examined the photos, not so! The male is feeding the female—the Wren equivalent of a dinner date.

When I looked this up, the authorities I consulted wrote that the male was telling the female “I can provide for our family.”

To which I say—guano.

Does a teenaged kid take his girl out to dinner to assure her “I can feed you and our future family, and am sound breeding stock!” NO!

More likely the message is, “I think you’re cute and how about an aprés dinner kiss and, uh…?”

Why shouldn’t it be the same with Wrens?

P.S. Pardon the graininess of these photos!Wrens are small, the day was dark, and the one on the left was half-hidden behind a rock. Somehow I couldn’t bring myself to delete this tender shot.  Below is the uncropped photo. Tell me, should I have deleted either image?

Nothing could be finer...
Second of two images


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