Life is best lived upside-down

“Never fly when you can creep,” says Wendell the White-Breasted Nuthatch.

He may walk to a different drummer, but man can he motor down that tree! He prefers to live life upside down, and that’s how he dines, as shown here.

I love to hang out with Wendell, because he’s so far-out and cool. See how he checks us out with his head cocked halfway up? Sort of a parabolic curve. Quite jaunty, wouldn’t you agree?

Wendell’s a bud. He doesn’t mind me and my bazooka of a Tamron 150-600mm zoom encroaching on his space—not if I wait half an hour or more before he decides to descend.

You’re always worth the wait, Wendell. Thanks for creeping down into view and I hope you enjoy that seed!

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