Lecturing Don

Red-Winged Blackbird, Male in Mating plumage.

If you had a black silk doctoral robe with red epaulets, wouldn’t you wear it?

At least when lecturing or attending University events?

It’s not exactly on my agenda, but next time I endow a college, I’ll rename it Red-Winged University, specializing in the photographic arts and ornithological science.

Brilliant women and men will, uh, flock to it, just for the privilege of wearing the commoner’s gown, which will be exactly the same as the doctoral robe, only shorter and made of machine-washable fabric.

Our heraldic coat of arms will feature two Red-Winged Blackbirds, crossed monopods, mirrorless cameras with 600mm lenses and other cool elements. More on this later.

Meantime, meet Blake. He’s as regal a Red-Winged Blackbird as you’re likely to encounter and not afraid to flaunt it. Which pose do YOU prefer? Please let me know in a comment!

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Red-Winged Blackbird Calling
Second of three photographs. Bigger than most songbirds and not hesitant to swing his weight, Blake assumes a commanding pose in the garden.
Third of three photographs. The red-yellow-orange pattern on his shoulders brings to mind military capes and academic gowns.

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