Morris is coo-coo in love

Mourning Dove

Coo…coo…coo! Here’s one of a pair of gentle Mourning Doves hanging out together in my bird garden.

I don’t know how to sex Doves, so I’ll call this one Morris, and Maureen may be seen below.

Doves are said to be drab, but actually they are strikingly colorful when seen up close. Look at Morris!

See the iridescent hint of turquoise along the head and neck? The dramatic aqua line around the eye? The pink accent beside the bill? The amazing, shocking pink feet?

So walk tall, Morris!

You’re sexy as Daniel Craig to Maureen.

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Mourning Dove
Second in a collection of two photographs. Here’s Maureen, who is rarely far from Morris
Maureen Mourning Dove, #3 of Three
Third in a collection of three photographs. And here is Maureen in a different pose, so that you may admire her dainty pink feet.

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