Yodeling His Love

Canada Geese in Mating Dance, Singing

Here’s a favorite shot from the Canada Goose Mating Dance that I witnessed this spring, published here for the first time.

Both Gertrude and Gerbert seemed so relaxed about me and my big telephoto, I was actually able to look down their throats as they sang their love duet.

As they sang, Gander and Goose were also waving their necks like willows in the wind, and click! Here you can see the male yodeling an impassioned crescendo right into your face.

Yodeling His Love, Detail
Scientists seem divided on the question of whether Canada Geese have tonsils—they do have lymphatic tissue in their pharyngeal folds, and some experts call them tonsils while others insist this is wrong. Whatever they are, you’ll catch a glimpse as Gerbert the Gander declares his love.

‘It was really an honor to be so trusted by these two impassioned souls. This photograph is part of my Canada Goose Mating Dance Collection, and prints of these photographs may be purchased inexpensively at The ArthurPix™Store.

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