Who am I?

Gray Catbird With Blue Plumage

HELP! I’m a mystery bird.

I was photographed on August 27, 2018, in Eastern Pennsylvania, Central States, USA and I wasn’t in any book that my photographer can find.

He named me Mysterious Max for purposes of cataloging.

I don’t have wingbars, nor eye bars nor any other helpful field marks—except the chestnut cap and blue belly you see here, plus a beautiful rusty rump that may mark me as a male, and makes my photographer think I’m a mature bird.

I think I might be a flycatcher—I love suet!—but my beak is the only clue that offers evidence of these things right now. And who really knows? I don’t even match up with any Confusing Autumn Warblers!

Give up?

ANSWER: There’s a wonderful Free App for the iPad called MERLIN. It has a module that lets you feed your photo directly into Merlin and let the app identify your bird. I did this and Mysterious Max turns out to be:


A Gray Catbird!

This variant of the species has slate-blue plumage rather than the straight gray that I’ve previously posted on ArthurPix™.

Live and learn.

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Mysterious Max, #2 of 3
#2 in a collection of 3 photographs. I have a healthy appetite for suet dough, but so do many other birds. I’m bigger than a Wren and smaller than other Catbirds previously photographed by Arthur.
Mysterious Max, #3 of 3 Photographs.
#3 in a collection of 3 photographs. My rear end is a beautiful rusty color, exactly like a Catbird’s, but the rest of my coloring doesn’t match any Catbird my photographer has shot!

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