Carey’s Deep Dark Secret

Carolina Wrens are among my favorite songbirds—pretty, petite, magical minstrels who sing for me all year round.

And Carey here just showed me a secret I can’t find on the Internet, after searching so long I’m wondering if my camera simply invented it.

Look here on his tush. Are those rump feathers BLUE? They sure look that shade to me. At very least they’re a blue hue of black, aren’t they? Or am I asleep and dreaming this?

Yes I know that colors can do odd tricks when you push a Lightroom slider too far—and it’s possible this is what’s happening here, although I double-checked the settings. I’ll admit this photo MAY exaggerate Carey’s posterior colors a tad. Or perhaps not…

But check out his breast feathers in the photo below. They’re the same color. Black, but tinged with blue.

Perhaps he’s juvenile? But I don’t think so. I recently photographed Carey doing a mating move with a fair lass of his species. No, I believe he’s mature.

if YOU, dearest Follower, know what’s going on in Carey’s rump and breast, please leave a COMMENT—and also, please leave one if you simply like Carey the Carolina Wren! Thank you so much. 🙏🏻😊💙💛😊🙏🏻💙💛😊🙏🏻💙💛😁🙏🏻💙💛

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Carey’s Deep Dark Secret, #2 of 2
#2 in a collection of 2 photographs. Check out the tiny tush and broad breast of this Carolina Wren, and you’ll see loads of undocumented plumage.

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