Meet Tonto Two-Tuft

This striking young Northern Cardinal…

…seems to be keeping company with the lovely Princess Goldie, hiding in the brush as she feeds in the open, then hurrying in for his turn.

I think Goldie may finally have found her Prince Charming, and charming he certainly is. He even allows me to get near with my camera, which I’ve found rare among Cardinalis cardinalis males.

I think Tonto’s twin-feather crest gives him a certain je ne sais quoi—a dashing look that’s well-suited to our daringly-coiffed Goldie.

But what do YOU think of Goldie’s beau? Is he worthy of her regal beauty? Let me know with your COMMENT and LIKE, please, and thank you so much for following ArthurPix®!

Meet Tonto Two-Tuft, #2 of 2
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