Gale Force Sundown

Sunsets are essentially light portraits—as close to abstract painting as you can get in representational photography.

In my previous sundown shot, I showed the sky after just after the sun departs, and here’s the converse—right before it dips below the edge of the Chesapeake Bay.

For anyone interested in shooting sunsets, a word of caution—please don’t ever look at the sun through your eyepiece! Even though my viewfinder is electronic, I composed focused and shot this entirely with my camera’s back-screen.

I had some fun with the boat in this scene. As this is January, the owners had it out of the water, propped up on blocks. But I crouched down low to shoot this scene, then cropped out the shoreline to make the boat appear a bit as if it were on the water.

By the way, I did see a sailboat or two on the water this day—some people love sailing so much, they’ll even brave a gale in January! By sundown, however, even these hardy individuals had sailed back to their respective marinas.

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