Purple Passion

Truthfully I don’t know if this Orchid is properly described as Purple. I have seen similar flowers described as Blue or Black or Black-Blue…

But to me it looks Purple, so that’s what I’m putting in the title. Onward…

After much research I’m fairly certain that my informally-named Purple Passion belongs to the genus Vanda, which I read is one of the commonest and easiest to grow, unless you don’t live in Southern Florida or India, in which case forget it and just admire the photos…

Unless, of course, you happen to own a temperature and humidity-controlled greenhouse! Set the minimum temperature to 55F and the relative humidity to 80% —or move to Southern FL or better yet, India—and both you and your Vanda orchid should be happy.

Now, what about the species? Near as I can make out, this fella is a Vanda Roberts Delight. Who Robert is I haven’t been able to ascertain, but I know this classification is home to some delightfully named cultivars, including the alluring Black Magic, to which I would love to match our Orchid here, but can’t.

So I’m naming this flower Vanda Roberts Delight “Purple Passion” in hopes that I haven’t transgressed upon a real cultivar. 

At first glance it almost may look like this orchid has a piece of torn tissue under the Column. Not so. That’s actually a flawlessly configured Lip, and the dark hole under the column is actually our Vanda’s Throat. The dark jutting thing to the right of the lips is possibly a Staminode, helping to attract pollinators to the Throat. I don’t know for sure.

What I do know is that our Vanda Roberts Delight Purple Passion is among my favorite Orchids of the season. What do YOU make of it? Please let me know, dear Follower, with your LIKE and COMMENT, because YOUR view is what I seek!

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