10 Karat Goldfinch

Gottfried the American Goldfinch made my morning by being even half-gold this early in Spring 2019…

I was testing out the Fujifilm XT-3 and 100-400 Fujinon Telephoto that Splendid Spouse had given me over the holidays, and they did not disappoint.

Both the speed and accuracy of continuous autofocus surprised me happily when applied to this fiesty little male, in whom testosterone was evidently surging.

As I was shooting him, he nipped a couple of other nearby males with whom he’d doubtless been palling around a couple of weeks previous. I may have caught one of said nips in a frame from this session, but haven’t yet had time to grade them all.

Male goldfinches only turn gold as their sex hormones spike with the onset of mating season. You might expect the the bright color to make them a better target to predators—but it must be so strong a sexual attractant to females that it compensates for this and then some!

As to the resolution of my new lens, well, judge for yourself. What do YOU think? Please let me know with your LIKE and COMMENT.

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