Brandywine Overhang

Did the tree grow skyward and gradually collapse until it hung almost horizontally over the river?

Or did it grow westward, reaching diagonally toward whatever sunlight it could find?

And what about the roots? Were they always exposed, as you see them here?

Or did repeated rain and flood-level flow wash away earth that gave the tree rise?

Or, perhaps, did the river scoop out its own banks underneath the tree, gradually exposing nature’s lacework?

My brain hurts as I endeavor to imagine how it happened. You tell me, please, with your COMMENT and LIKE…

Brandywine Overhang, #2 of 2
#2 in a collection of two photographs. Here’s the same lacework of roots, hanging out over the Brandywine River. Was it carved out by rain from above, or by the river from below, or did they grow just like this, exposed as you see? Hmmm.


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