The Cardinal Cha Cha

Cardinal Dancing

Neil is a barely-grown male Northern Cardinal—proudly showing his red feathers to attract a mate, but so far, barely bigger than a finch.

I’ve been trying to photograph his larger Dad, but the canny Cardinal is shy of me, only venturing into view after I pack my big lens away. Today, however, I spotted Neil watching me from a high branch, and managed to fire off a burst before he literally dropped out of sight.

When I checked out my capture, what a revelation! Right before he plunged off, Neil was side-stepping down the branch!

I’ve never seen a Cardinal dance before, but Neil is so young, he doesn’t mind improvising a, well, should we call it a Cardinal Cakewalk?

Or a Calypso? Or a Cha Cha? You tell me! What does Neil’s dance step bring to YOUR mind? Let me know!







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