Beau Flies and Cries

After way too long a wait, I set up my tripod, gimbal and camera on a friendly dock within sight of — YES, it’s my buddy Beau the Great Blue Heron!

We hadn’t been to his saltwater haunts in Lighthouse Cover for 18 months, and I had to find a different, friendly dock for my gear, but once I was ready, so was Beau…

Flying across the cove to show off his wonderful wings and crying out to make sure I knew it was him, my dear friend for several years now. I wasn’t able to spot his mate, and I hope she’s still okay, but Beau himself appears to be in excellent form.

The weather was unfortunately a bit too warm and sunny—attracting fishing boats, which kept Beau from approaching near enough for a close-up hello. All the same, it was wonderful to renew our friendship and catch dear Beau flying and crying.

Beau Flies and Cries #2 of 5
A Great Blue Heron rarely looks the same way twice, and Beau’s no exception.

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