Matt Seeks a Mate

Matt Seeks a Mate

Meet Matt, the Snowy seeker of love and meaning in life.

He scampers past, head feathers up, beak open

Calling “Squawk! Where are you, my Juliet?”

In wonder at his mystery, I click to capture

His headdress, expression and stance.

Is this merely mating plumage

Or some other avian madness?

Cluck! Luck to you, lover!


    1. Thank you so much, Christine! I found Matt recently on the trail in the Edwin B. Forsyth Wildlife Preserve at Brigantine, New Jersey. I was kind of surprised to find him in his mating garb, and am not certain if he was migrating south or remaining as a permanent resident. Happily for me, he was close to the trail, allowing me to capture him in all the detail I could want.

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