Behold! One Chrysanthemum with one THOUSAND blossoms…

Wait—I lied—it’s actually 1400 blosssoms…

All grafted onto one single plant and perfectly arranged into the form of a single blossom!

So how on earth is this done? With infinite care, dear reader. With a single stem, complex framework, and intricate tying technique, repeated 1400 times. Thus:

C4C1A094-3BEE-4FFA-8391-81B770481A9CThousand Blossom Chrysanthemum HDR

The top image, created for demonstration purposes, is “merely’ a hundred forty blossoms. The bottom, with 1,400 flowers, goes all the way around. And yes, each individual blossom is just about perfect. Kudos to the botanists and gardening mavens of Longwood Gardens for creating such a tour de force.

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