Men’s Marsh Dancing Finalist

Juvenile Great Egret skimming a salt marsh pool

And here’s our Marsh Dancing finalist, Edgar the Snowy Egret!

Kind of flying while skating across the water, he easily outdances all competitors, human, avian or alien.

PLEASE NOTE: I am now identifying him as a mature Snowy Egret in mating plumage. I mistook him for a juvenile Great Egret at first, because he was interacting with two juvies.

This happens quite a bit among Egrets and even Juvenile Little Blue Herons. The young ones seek out Snowy Egrets to learn their fishing and crabbing skills—and juvenile Little Blues are even colored much like Snowies, making it easier for them to infiltrate!

In Edgar’s case, his head plumage and golden feet show him to be Snowy. Apologies for the earlier confusion!

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