Breaking Away

Canada geese flying skyward from the surface of a roiled pond.

When a gaggle departs a calm little pond, exploding their placid world into a stormy squall of droplets and waves…

It must feel overwhelming to an individual Canada Goose.

Think about the grueling effort required to bench press your body weight, time and again, as you frantically flap yourself up, up, up…

Then imagine the relief as you reach your cruising speed, easing off from the effort of vertical lift, and your wings start pumping in easier, steady beats, like the difference between leaping up a ladder and riding a bike…

It must fill the Goose with tremendous joy and sweet relief to her burning wings, knowing that in seconds she’ll be taking. her place in the honking skein.

Breaking Away, Ii
Here’s variant of the collage, adding another image and a gradient overlay to the background, based on the colors reflected on the surface of the pond.

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