Into the Mist, vinyl pressing

Two Canada Geese in flight.

“Website” means you never have to say you’re done…

And this photo begged me for a reimagining, this time in monochrome. These days B&W is kind of the photographic equivalent of a vinyl phonograph record.

Some prefer it. Some just like it. I tend to prefer Black & White when color seems to be getting in the way as, I think, it may have here.

So let’s pump this image back up in Plain Black with Whitewalls, balance the rims and see if it rolls.

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Two Canada Geese in Flight
Sometimes less is more, and sometimes merely less. Do you prefer this B&W or the previous, or…?
Two Canada Geese in Flight
Or does the color have more to say?
Two Canada Geese in Flight.
Or was the original color treatment best of all? Please comment to let me know!

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