Farewell Winter, One More Time

Sunset on Doe Run Ridge in Southeastern Pennsylvania

Last time I suggested that Winter might be waning, a snowy Nor’easter whipped up the coast the very next day…

So maybe I’m tempting Mother Nature, but can’t help it, Gaia—the second photo I put together from our shoot beneath beautiful Doe Run Ridge has been calling out “Post Me!”

This is the same sunset, shot about five minutes later, taken from a vantage that required penguin-stepping through ten feet of demi-mud separating ridge from road, but, like the experts counsel…

Moving your lazy legs up, down and around can give better results than the fanciest zoom.

Like the previous sunset, this is also an HDR photo, assembled in Adobe Lightroom Classic by merging three widely bracketed shots of the exact same scene, to create a single photo of significantly lower ISO and sharper detail. And it kind of shocked me that I didn’t need a tripod for this one—not because my arms are rock-solid (they’re average at best), but more because the Sony a7r3 fires with such pleasing speed!

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