Grand Arch of Orchids

Arch of hundreds of Orchids

At the entry to the Longwood Gardens 2018 Orchid Extravaganza stands an enormous arch, constructed entirely of white and pale yellow blossoms, each quite astonishingly at its peak of glory.

Detail, Grand Arch of Orchids
How I ached to show you the entire arch in all its Orchid-crowded glory! And how much more did multitudes of admission-paying Orchid-lovers long to have their photos taken underneath the bow! Next year I shall ask if perhaps a photographer might sneak in five minutes before the crowds. Yes, I shall certainly ask…

How on earth each orchid is kept alive for months on end—let alone in perfect bloom— is a secret known only to the gifted and industrious gardeners who labor long hours at Longwood.

Unhappily for you and me, the stunning lower half of the arch is constantly occupied by couples having their pictures snapped. Hence this photo of the upper half, bereft of couples, taken from behind.

One fine day I shall find the entire arch miraculously unoccupied. Until then…

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