Was it months ago that hundreds of Canada Geese fled south from this pond, as it froze up? Or weeks? Days? In any case, I heard honks today and sure enough, they’re back! This time, heading north…

It seems as if it were yesterday that more than a hundred Canada Geese departed this pond for warmer climes.

Maybe it actually was yesterday.

Now they’re trickling back, in twos and threes. A dozen at most on some days, and only then to linger for a day or two on their journey back north. Come April, maybe, one pair may nest at the pond’s sheltered edge, driving others away.


Canada Geese flying north.
Announcing themselves unmistakably, a few Canada Geese have already trickled back north. I especially admire the rearmost—the blade of I’m-not-sure-what in his bill gives him a certain je ne sais crois.







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