It’s an Osp—no, wait…WHAT?

Bald Eagle on a nesting platform built for Ospreys

Our Bald Eagle buddy, Baldwin, couldn’t possibly be nesting on an Osprey platform, could he? (Sorry for the grainy snap—no serious lens at hand…)

And, if so, what’s a wildlife lover to say? Hooray, more Bald Eagles? Boo, fewer Ospreys?

Of course, last year’s nesters might still return and evict Baldwin—or maybe the eagle’s not seriously setting up here. I’ll be monitoring the scene in coming days, so stay tuned.

Meantime, here are equally grainy shots of the same platform last spring, when it was freshly erected, and a pair of proper Ospreys promptly took possession:

Olive the Nesting Osprey, Spring 2017
Oliver the Nesting Osprey, Spring 2017



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