Queens of the Night

Queen of the Night and Purple Dream Tulips

This deep, dark tulip rarely fails to elicit oohs and ahhs.

Among the last to bloom in the season, Queen of the Night looks practically black as it opens, then develops a beautiful, deep purple color that contrasts wonderfully with lily shaped, lighter Purple Dreams.

Dead center is a blown Purple Dream that’s really the subject of this photo. Stigma intact, the flower retains a majesty that I couldn’t ignore.

Alternate title: Long Live the Dream!

Once again, I shot this on the Sony a7rIII with Sony 90mm f2.8 Macro, positioned below the blossoms and angled up.

Purple Dream and Queen of the Night Tulips
Lily-shaped Purple Dream Tulips seem ideally suited to set off the dense majesty of Queen of the Night.

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