GREEN Tulips…?

Pink and Green (yes, Green! Tulips

Got ‘em! They’re actually pink and green, and they bloom late…

Not breathtaking, if you ask me, but they make for great punctuation in a beautiful bed of pink tulips…

Like here. Only problem is that the Green Tulips bloomed so late at Longwood Gardens this year, insects had already nabbed the Pink Ones. It took me more than an hour to Photoshop the hundreds of tiny fly-bit punctures all over the otherwise-lovely Pink Tulips. By the way…

Did you know Tulips have only three petals?

The other three colorful thingies are sepals (the usually-green things that cover a bud). As the tulip blossoms, these three sepals  turn color to match the three petals, yielding six identically-colored tepals.

And just in case you thought I was fibbing about the time required to remove the fly bites, here’s the “before” photo:

Bed of Pink and Green Tulips
If you can’t see the fly-bites here, just zoom in on any of the pink tulips. See?

Which do you prefer?

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