Redhead Rising

Redhead Ducks on Silver Lake, Delaware


Take your camera to pretty little Silver Lake, Delaware, and I guarantee you a flotilla of waterfowl will paddle by…

And every time I’ve gone, it’s a different species. Silver Lake isn’t too far from the Sandy Hook peninsula, and it seems to be a favorite dining stop for ducks on their way to or from Cape May, New Jersey.

Today it’s Redheads — colorful little folks. Their pointy beaks are very cute and the males sport bright cinnamon balaclavas. As usual, I have to find  a moment when most don’t have their heads underwater or tucked under their wings.

Finally I shrug and just start clicking, shooting frame after frame of sleeping ducks, when this one little guy takes it into his red head to flutter his wings and quack. Click, click, click, click, QUACK! He does it again and I got him!

We were heading home from dinner and regretably I had only a compact 12-150mm travel lens on my Olympus EM1-Mk2.  It got the job done, but the photo’s a bit grainy. Next time I’ll bring a longer telephoto and hope the Red Heads return!


Redhead Ducks, second of three images
I did eventually capture a few more Redhead Ducks that weren’t sleeping. See how cute they are?

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