Flat Daff

Flat blossomed Daffodil

It’s not a trick of the lens. This deliciously different daffodil really is more of a French horn than a trumpet—shallow and broad, so best photographed head-on, as you see it here.

The background is my own abstract thing. I was developing the raw file in my regular way, and before I knew it, the background happened.

WHY? Well, daffodils are often dismissed as too ordinary for attention, but there’s sometching about this one that’s way different. For starters, the composition is…

A flower with a flower within a flower…

There, you see? How cool is that! And the striations on the petals are like strokes of an oil-painting brush. In fact, the entire flower could be a three-dimensional painting. At least, that’s how I view it. How about YOU?

P.S. Daffodils in June? No, but close! This guy usually wakes up in April but the photo may have been taken in May of this year.

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