Underwater Turtle

Painted Turtle Swimming Underwater in the Upper Delaware River

From my aerial perch on a country bridge, I shot these ultra-hush spy photos of Secret Agent Double-0 Turtle…

He’s swimming underwater to join the vacationing throngs at sunny Turtle Island Resort, located on the base of a stanchion supporting the Lambertville-New Hope Bridge. You go, dashingTurtle!

Painted Turtles may look awkward on land, but not in the water. Swimming against the powerful current of the upper Delaware River, je;s obviously in his element, looking graceful and nimnle as he executes a natural free-style through the water.

NOTE: I once referred to Double-0 Turtle as a female, but now am persuaded that he’s more likely a male. Note the length of his claws and tail. The one sure way to sex a turtlemis by the position of the cloacal hole, but this cannot be seen in my photos.

This three-photo set is part of my overall collection View from a Bridge, capturing the secret world of wildlife hidden under the New Hope-Lambertville bridge that spans the upper Delaware River.

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Painted Turtle Swimming Underwater
Second photo in a collection of three


Painted Turtle Swimming Underwater
Third photo in a collection of three



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