Four Looks at a Purple Trailing Clematis

Purple Trailing Clematis.

Earlier this month I planted Purple Trailing Clematis and two weeks later, bing, bang, boom.

They blossomed! Then one day I saw what looked like an absolutely entrancing purple Clematis blossom, whipped out my iPhone—clickclickclickclickclick—fired off a burst, went about my day and forgot about the photo until the following day…

Whereupon, for whatever reason, I couldn’t develop just one.

Up top is my favorite. Down below are my other favorites.

None of these is a collage. I singled out one blossom for straightforward treatment and then sort of mingled a shot of the sky with the actual background. It worked of me.

Do any of these work for YOU? Please let me know.

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Purple Trailing Clematis Blossom on artsy-fartsy background
Second of four images.

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Purple Trailing Clematis Blossom on artsy-fartsy background
Third of Four Images

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Purple Trailing Clematis
Fourth of four images

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