Flame Loves Fiery Flowers

Dryas iulia Butterfly lighting on a golden posy.

Meet Dryas iulia of the Heliconinae subfamily!

Her common name is sometimes Orange Julia or simply Julia, or less commonly Flambeau (French for Flame).

Our vivacious friend here simply goes by Flame.

Orange Julia is too close to the once-insanely-popular Orange Julius drink—and the initials OJ? Well, you know…

Flame led me on a merry chase yesterday, lighting down just long enough for me to frame her in my viewfinder, then taking off right before I could tap the shutter.

Finally I noticed Flame’s predeliction for orange flowers. I selected a beautiful cluster of suitably hued blossoms, focused on them, and the moment Flame approached…

Clickety-click-click—thank you, Flame.

Dryas iulia, #2
#2 in a collection of four photographs. As she flitted to her orange flower, I was ready!
Dryas iulia, #3
#3 in a collection of 4 photographs. Here she is from a different angle, same flower
Dryas iulia,#4
#4 in a collection of 4 photographs. Wings fully extended, Flame is a gorgeous butterfly, and there’s no mistaking her.


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