Meet Mona the Magnificent Monarch

Monarch Butterfly on Flower

I must confess that in all my years of butterfly-watching*, I have always preferred Tiger Swallowtails to Monarchs…

Until I looked over my Macro shots of Mona the Monarch…

And felt as if I were gazing at a Gothic Cathedral stained glass window.  Mona just blew me way—it wasn’t even close.

The conditions under which I photographed her were far from ideal. For minutes she simply sat on the flower with wings folded tight—then abruptly sped away too fast for me to follow…

And yet! As I developed the raws, she proved a stunner from every angle.

At least that’s how I felt. But you tell me. Compare Mona here with my previous photos of Tina the Tiger Swallowtail. The latter’s no slouch…

But Mona’s called a Monarch for a reason.

*I’m not a lepidopterist, but have filmed TV commercials of butterflies, which involved working with professional butterfly trainers. Yes, they exist. 

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Monarch butterfly perched on flower
#2 in a collection of 5 photographs. Even view sideways, her wing colors fascinate.
#3 in a collection of 5 photographs.
#4 in a collection of 5 photographs. Mona was so relaxed that she allowed me to bring my honking big 90mm Sony Macro lens within inches of her, unfluttered as it were.




Mona the Monarch, #5 of 5
Thanks #5 in a Collection of 5 Photographs,

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