Can you guess whom Minnie will become?

Monarch Caterpillar

This beautiful Caterpillar is named Minnie, because…

She’ll soon transform into a glorious Monarch Butterfly! Once you see a Monarch Caterpillar, she’s easy to remember, with her gorgeous black-and-yellow stripes, and black-and-white pseudopods. Chances are that when you see her, she’ll be eating, as Minnie is doing here.

WHY? Because she needs incredible reserves of energy to spin the Chrysalis of her Pupa stage—and then complete her magical transformation into a Monarch Butterfly. Moreover, she must then fly some 2500 miles, all the way to Mexico or Southern California, where she will hibernate in fir trees or, if in California, Eucalyptus. Then migrate back here to lay her eggs!

Eat hearty, Minnie, and good luck on your long migration south!

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