Hamish Hamerkop Stands Tall

Male Hammerkop Walking Tall

Hamish is a Hamerkop, which means “Hammerhead.” He does look a bit like a hammer, doesn’t he?

He’s a very proud and noble bird, as well as an incredibly industrious and loving husband to his lifetime mate, Henrietta, helping her build four to five enormous new nests every year—the Days Inn of the Bird world, as one Follower quipped, furnishing homes for everyone from Owls to Sunbirds!

Doesnt he look magnificent! But before we get too carried away, you must understand…

Hamish is actually a rather small stork. The smallest species of stork on the African continent, he’s about the size of a crow. Too small a stork to deliver human babies. (Does anyone still tell their young ones about The Stork?)

Nonetheless, Hamish is indeed noble, don’t you think? Even for a rather small stork.

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