Giving thanks on our first anniversary

It was just a year ago that I first tapped the PUBLISH button…

And the ArthurPix™ wildlife project came to life.

What ensued was pretty, uh, wild. I had no idea how many of you might sign up for a free subscription. My hopes were for maybe —a thousand followers? Nah, couldn’t possibly be.

But now we’re a year old and guess what?

13,402 of you have signed up so far…

And frankly, sometimes I still don’t believe it. You not only liked my photographs, but entered your email address to get more.

But the figures keep mounting, and I’m coming around to the idea you actually do exist and care…

And as we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States, I give thanks with all my heart for YOU, dear Subscriber. I pledge never to take you for granted. Every day, when I’m not out shooting, I’m studying new techniques and disciplines in the art and craft of photography. Come evening, my dear wife and life partner joins me in looking for new places to stay, so we can make new wildlife friends to photograph.

Thanks in great part to YOU, I’m working with joy in my soul that my love of photography and wildlife is requited.

So let me repeat it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for existing. Sometimes I wish you’d comment more often or even shop the ArthurPix Store, but I’ll work on this next year.

Just keep on existing, dear subscriber, and thank you so much. May the year ahead bring you happiness and health.


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