My Name will Tie Your Tongue in Knots


Pro Tip: When a name looks like trouble, make love to it.

Say every syllable like you adore it! Roll your Rs, EXPLODE your Ts, and coo like a moonstruck dove!

Crrrimson Rrrumpttit Tooooocanaaaay!

Oh, that’s so much better. Now you’re enunciating with authority. (That final T in Toucanet, by the way, can be silent or pronounced. I went with silent here to make it a tiny bit easier.)

Now maybe we’re ready to take on the Latin name: Aulacorhynchus haematopygus!

Ready, set…hmm. Tell you what. Suppose we skip the Latin and get on with the bird.

Isn’t Christopher (that’s what he goes by) handsome? I’m not exaggerating his shade of green. Some bird books actually call him the the Red-Rumped Emerald Toucanet.

Chris likes to hang out in humid Andean rainforests, like those in Columbia, Venezuela and Excuador. Have you ever been to Ecuador? I hear it’s like a paradise , filled to the gills with color-drenched flowers, butterflies and birds. If I were a Toucanet, I’d fly to Ecuador—well, except that Crimson-Rumped Toucanets don’t migrate. So I guess I’d have to stay put and hope I got born in a nice neck of a humid Andean Forest.

Chris loves bananas. I’m not sure if he’s eating a berry here or perhaps a jumbo-sized pea, but I’ll bet he’d drop it if he sniffed a banana anywhere near.

So…apart from the pronunciation, how do YOU like Chris the Crimson-Rumped Toucanet? Is he ho-hum or bee’s knees? Leave a LIKE and a COMMENT to let me know! Please?

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Crimson-Rumped Toucanet
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