Flesh and Blood

This closeup of the “Rainforest” display at Longwood Gardens in Winter 2019 shows Cymbidium Orchids of an almost animal hue, growing on the beautiful Cycad Palm that was featured in previous photographs.

The deep amber and dark red colors were so unusual and vivid, I almost shied from photographing them close up! Especially when I look at the intriguing side views of these Cymbidium Orchid blossoms to the left, I can almost envision blood vessels, cartilage and bone.

The Labellum almost looks like it’s bleeding and the Column atop it could be cartilage—or am I dreaming? In any case, the beauty of this flower is unforgettable.

Forgive me if the comparison is too bloody for you, but I can’t shy away from it. I’ve named this photograph Flesh and Blood


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