Tulip Conflagration

I missed the Longwood Gardens Tulip Festival, but Bethany Beach — of all places!—has its own dazzling display, right down the center of town.

I figured this would be a perfect use for my new Fujifilm 80mm f2.8 Macro on the Fujifilm XT-3, and it did not disappoint. Lightroom now features special Fuji color profiles based on the films of old—I used Velvia, of course!—and sorry, purists, I’m not going to pay for Capture One to see if it’s better. At least not yet.

So here are my favorite two shots: closeup, above, and closer, below. Please let me know how YOU like them with your LIKE and COMMENT, dear Follower, and thank you—you’re the best!

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Tulip Conflagration, #2 of 2
Second in a collection of two photographs. Here’s the closer-up of this fiery blossom, anthers ready to dust the rear end of whatever bee is lucky enough to imbibe its delicious nectar. Tap here to shop the ArthurPix® Store for prints, wall-hangings, coffee mugs, iPhone cases and other cool collectibles featuring this original photograph, Tulip Conflagration, #2 of 2


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