Fly, Otis, FLY!

In the course of greeting Otis (Sitting on the Dock of the Bay) the great Blue Heron, I was fortunate enough to photograph him in flight…

And I couldn’t pick a favorite shot, but favor this one today.

I love the coloration of the Great Blue Heron, especially the rusty red accents on his wings—and I adore the unpredictable, but inevitably proud and graceful carriage of his extraordinary neck.

Although it’s comparable to a vacuum cleaner hose, I’ve never seen this Great Blue Heron position it inelegantly.

So Fly, Otis! Show us the miracle of your astonishing form and exuberant character in motion.

And when your eyes lock with mine, I feel a personality as curious as my own, a love of the other creature too powerful to resist—and I can’t help feeling that you, dear Otis, feel something like the same.


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