Shooting the Pier II

Same story and same place as part I—we’re under the boardwalk on a cloudless April afternoon.

This time, the camera moves a tad, shooting down the northern “lane” of pilings under the fishing action.

I’m using a circular polarizer to bring out the blue in our beautiful sky, plus a 10-stop neutral density filter to turn our crashing waves into a surreal mist at the foot of the timbers, and make the wet sand glassy smooth. Focus manually to make things pin-sharp, expose for two minutes, et voilà!

Do you prefer this image or our first?

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    1. I think I slightly prefer the first photograph too, John—and thanks so much for your comment! I hadn’t noticed that the shadows were longer in this shot, but you’re right of course. I also like the “A” crossed timbers in the foreground of this photo.

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