Long Exposure Landscape Photography

I’m delighted to unveil Shooting the Pier, my first official foray into Long Exposure Photography.

In the past, I’ve shot an occasional photo of a waterfall or creek at a shutter speed of a few seconds. The real deal, however, employs neutral density filters to achieve shutter speeds of two to four minutes. This photograph was shot at ISO 100, f18 and a shutter speed of about three minutes. It was a bright, cloudless day, so I had to use a ten-stop ND filter on a rock-steady tripod.

The shot was taken under a fishing pier on the Delaware-Maryland shoreline. The title was inspired by 1950s and 60s surfing movies, in which one of the more foolhardy surfers would take a dare to surf under a pier—and inevitably come to grief.

No, I haven’t abandoned wildlife and macro photography. Not by a long shot! But this new field —for me—is fun, and an option when the wildlife aren’t cooperating.

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    1. I’m so glad you liked it, Chi! I’ll be posting more of these photos today, so stay tuned. It’s a time-consuming way to take a photograph, but I’m loving the results and look at beaches and bays in an entirely new way.

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